ZerberuS GrimmklanG RadioshoW
Mit der Dezember-Sendung 2014 hat sich ZerberuS GrimmklanG vorerst aus dem Äther verabschiedet.


ZerberuS GrimmklanG RadioshoW
Alle Vier Wochen Zwei Stunden auf dem Freien Radio in Leipzig RADIO BLAU
Inhaltliches Konzept: Musik Musik Musik. Das Göttlichste was der Mensch erschaffen hat. Vorstellung von Neuerscheinungen. Schubladenfrei und Querbeet von Klassik bis Core, jenseits von AlternativMainstream, Independent Oberflächen und MassenHypeIndividualismus. Musik zum hören, weil sie Gut ist und gefällt, nicht weil man eine Doktorarbeit über sie schreiben könnte. Lieder mit Geschichten, die den Menschen die diese Songs lieben gehören, und die sie als Gäste erzählen. Rauskramen der alten Größen die vor Dekaden schon bessere Musik machen konnten und bergen von Perlen, die im Strudel der VeröffentlichungsTsunamis untergegangen sind.



ZGK Playliste 15.11.2014
Marcus Wiebusch – Der Tag wird kommen
Moby – ‚The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne)
Biosphere – Caboose
Biosphere – Patashnik
Jääportit – Ilmaan Kylmaan
Seether – Words As Weapons
Muse – Hysteria (Live)
Muse – Sing for absolution
Warm Graves – Ravachol
Warm Graves – Rouleaux
Warm Graves – Ships Will Come
Lizard Pool – Faceless King
Die Art – Seven Tears I Cry – Success
Die Art – Morgenrot – Success
Lament – Last Dance Of Summer
lament – you
Schonwald – A Forest (the cure cover)
Schonwald – Disorder –  a Joy Division  tribute)
Clams Casino – I’m God
Grimes – Devon
Kavinsky – Nightcall
Silver Swans – Anyone’s Ghost


Playlist ZGK 18.10.2014
ZerberuS GrimmklanG 18.10.2014 Nachhören

Anika – Masters of War
New Model Army – masters of war
Pearl Jam – Patriots – Masters of War (Dylan)
Timesbold – Masters Of War
Bear McCreary – All along the Watchtower
Bear McCreary -Precipice
Clint Mansell – Leaving Earth
Faunts – Das Malefitz
Yoko Kanno – Inner Universe
Paul Leonard-MorganMega City One
Paul Leonard-Morgan – Mini Guns
Atli Örvarsson – To many Refugees
Adam Skorupa  -Dusk in Northern Kingdom
Alt J – Warm Foothills
You+Me _ You and Me
No King No Crown – Homesick
Hisztory – Las uns freunde bleiben
Gerhard Schöne – ganz einfach
Beck – Phase + Turn Away
Rjd2 – Smoke & Mirrors
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man


ZGK Playlist 20.9.2014
Dave Grohl, Alain Johannes, Lee Ving, Pat Smear and Taylor Hawkins- Your Wife is Calling
Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme and Trent Reznor- Mantra
Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear – Cut Me Some Slack
Dave Grohl, Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been- Heaven and All
Dave Grohl, Rami Jaffee, Stevie Nicks and Taylor Hawkins- You Cant Fix This
Ben Howard – Oats In The Water
Tom Waits – Hold On
The Handsome Family – Far From Any Road (True Detective – Intro )
Sigur Rós – Brennisteinn
Sigur Rós – Bláþráður
U2 – Every Breaking Wave
U2 – Volcano
U2 – Native Son
Die Form – Masochist
Die Form – Rain Of Blood 120
Diary of Dreams – One of 18 Angels – Mankind
The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure
The Black Angels – Snake In The Grass
Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley
Ozzy Osbourne – Shot In The Dark


ZGK Playliste 23.8.2014
Henrik Hakansson – Dusk
Porcelain in the backpack – silent giants
Porcelain in the backpack – the burrowbuilder comes home
Fennesz – the colour of three
Man Watching the Stars – Ballast
Rome – petrograd waltz
Rome – le voile de l’oubli
Janus – Hotel Eden
Marteria – Zum Glück in die Zukunft – Veronal (eine Tablette nur) (feat. Miss Platnum)
Haujobb – Sub Unit One
Mark Lanegan – Love
VITO – Trust
Civil Twilight – Come As You Are cover.mp3
Nirvana – Come as You Are (MTV Unplugged in New York) Live
The King – Come as you are
Yuna – Come As You Are
Neil Young & The Band – Helpless
Buffy Sainte-Marie – Helpless
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Helpless.
Henrik Hakansson – Dawn


Playlist ZerberuS GrimmklanG 26.7.2014
Portishead – Waiting for the night
The Cure – World in my eyes
Apollo four forty – i feel you
Maynard James Keenan & David Bowie – Bring Me the Disco King
Dick Dale – night rider
Twilight Singers – Esta Noche
Twilight Singers – She Loves You – Summertime
Madrugada – Electric
The Felice Brothers – Fire at the Pageant
The Felice Brothers – rise and shine
The Hackensaw Boys – Gypsy
Justin Cross – Drink the Water
Builders and the Butchers – Black Dresses
Steven Wilson – Sentimental
Mountain Man – Mounthwings
Ks Choice – killing dragons
Lambchop – Magnificent Obsession
Micah P. Hinson – Possibilities
Micah P. Hinson – are you lonesome tonight
Micah P. Hinson – While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Retribution Gospel Choir – Breaker
Corrosion of Conformity – Shelter
Corrosion Of Conformity – Lord Of This World
Godsmack – Sweet Leaf
System Of A Down – Snowblind
Faith No More – War Pigs
Black Sabbath – Live Forever


Playliste ZGK 28.6.2014
Paul Simon & Chevy Chase – You Can Call Me Al
Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage
AC DC – Thunderstruck
Cosmic Psychos – Back In Town
Cosmic Psychos – Decadence
Black Sabbath – Live Forever
Hypocrisy – Until The End
SATYRICON – Phoenix feat. Sivert Hoyem
Anathema – Untouchable, Part 1
Anathema – Untouchable, Part 2
Woven Hand – AS WOOL
Woven Hand – IN THE TEMPLE
Bohren & der Club of Gore – Fahr Zur Hölle
William Fitzsimmons – I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry Cover)
William Fitzsimmons – You Still Hurt Me (Live At Caf‚ De La Danse)
William Fitzsimmons — Took
William Fitzsimmons — Well Enough
Seeed – Cherry Oh
DSTR – Leaving Ground
DSTR – Silent World (SITD Remix)
Architect – Wachsmuth (Comaduster Remix)
Liebknecht – I am Freak
Liebknecht – Overwrite v.1
Haujobb – new world march
Haujobb – echo


Playliste ZGK 31.5.2014
Riaz – Taxi nach Paris
Pierre Adenot – Caravane – Paris je t’aime
Jacques Dutronc- Il Est Cinq Heures, Paris S’‚veille
Seydou Boro – Katoucha – Paris Je T’aime
St Germain – Sure Thing
Hayseed Dixi – Born to die in France
FEIST – La Meme Histoire – We’re all in the dance
Heidi Happy – La Danse
Babylon Circus – Dances of Resistance
Gilbert Becaud  –  Et maintenant
Nat King Cole – Mona Lisa
Kevin Kline – La Mer – french kiss soundtrack
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Midnight Black Earth
Emancipator – Father King
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Perverted Pleasure Party
Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Lobby
Tiamat –  Whatever That Hurts
Amorphis – My Kantele
The Gathering – Nighttime Birds
Lake of tears -Ravenland
Moonspell – Alma Mater
Samael – Rain
Katatonia – Murder
Anathema – Hope


Vikings Theme song – If I had a heart by Fever Ray
Fever Ray – The Wolf
Sigur Rós – The Rains of Castamere
Dillon – A Matter of Time
Milky_Chance – Down_By_The_River
No King. No Crown – This Goodbye Isnt Forever – Heart To Escape
City and color – Comming home
Matisyahu – Jerusalem
Jan Delay – Ich möchte nicht, dass ihr meine Lieder singt
Jan Delay – Vergiftet
Seeed – wounderful Life
The Big Pink – Crystal Visions
Lizard Pool – Luft & Schlösser  – Movie House
Lizard Pool – A Gloomy Day – Movie House.mp3
Lowlakes – Newborn
Biffy Clyro – Mountains
If These Trees Could Talk – They Speak With Knives
Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
General Lee – Medusa Howls With Wolves
Mustasch – Thank You for the Demon
Arms_Like_Snakes_-_Catch myself
Unida – Wet Pussycat
Umor – Stowaway


Playlist ZGK 5.4.2014
Fargo – Köln
Fargo – Leipzig
This will be Destroy you – Quiet
PG Lost – Crystaline
Kokomo – Kaput Finket
Fargo – Königsberg
Laibach – The Whistleblowers
Christian Kjellvander – The Woods
Israel Nash Gribska – Goodbye Ghost
Windhand – Libusen
Warning – Footprint
40 Watt Sun – Cary me Home
Esoteric – Circle
Doomraiders – Lions


ZGK 8.3.2014 Playliste
Peter Gabriel – Digging In The Dirt
Counting Crows – Omaha
David Bowie – Alabama Song
Lambchop – Ohio
Neil Young – alabama
Oma Hans – Ukraine
Philipp Gerisch – i didgeridid oz – Outback
Philipp Gerisch – i didgeridid oz – Road Train
Hisztory – Wolkenkratzer
Hisztory – Von Blättern und Wurzeln
I Come From The Sun – I Am Alive (acoustic session)
I Come From The Sun – Waste Your Tears (Live)
Harmful – Like_A_Dog
Harmful – Speak_In_Answers
Doomriders – Lions
Motörhead – Stand by Your Man (featuring Wendy O. Williams)
Blues Brothers – Stand By Your Man
Jane – 03 – Rest Of My Life
John Lennon – Woman
Urge Overkill – Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon
Roy Orbison – Only The Lonely
Chris Isaak – Only The Lonely
Selig – Ich lüge nie
Jupiter Jones – Rennen + Stolpern
Jupiter Jones – Der Tag wird kommen
Raketkanon – Anna
Raketkanon – Eva
Mogwai – Deesh


Playliste ZGK 8.2.2014

Jerry Douglas – The Boxer (feat. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon)
Elvis Costello and Mumford & Sons – The Ghost of Tom Joad
Bruce Springsteen – The Ghost of Tom Joad (Great Depression)
Tom McRae – The Ghost of Tom Joad
The Punch Brothers and Marcus Mumford ‚The Auld Triangle‘
Bono & Glen Hansard – The Auld Triangle
The bianca Story  – Gülck Macht Einsam
The Killers – Human
The Sigourney Weavers – Passenger
Queen – love of my life
The Doors Spanish Caravan
Faunlet – A thousand and six years
Nadja – You Are As Dust
A Light in the Dark – Bleak Waters
Windhand – Black Candles
Tides from Nebula – These Days, Glory Days
Egypt – Valley of the kings
No-Man – Back When You were Beautiful

Sendung vom 08.02.2014

ZerberuS Grimmklang
Tote Musiker

Damian Murdoch Trio – Funky Desert Rider
Kalamahara – The Urgency
Songs:Ohia – Lioness
Lou Reed – Wagon Wheel
Lou Reed – Make Up
Fad Gadget – Back to Nature
Serge Gainsbourg – I’m the boy
Madrugada – Black Mambo
Michael Jackson – Smile
Sparklehorse – It’s a wonderful life
George Michael und Lisa Stansfield (Queen Tribute) – These Are the days of our lives
Freddie Mercury und Montserrat Caballe – Barcelona (Live)
Roy Orbison – I drove all night
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Kalamahara – Electric Messed Up Whore
Alice In Chains – Rooster
Type O Negative – The Dream is Dead
Amy Winehouse – Rehab
Joy Division – She’s lost control
Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town


ZGK Playlist 21.9.2013

Calexico – Victor Jara’s Hands
Victor Jara – Poema 15
Victor jara- Cuando Voy al Trabajo
Natalie Cardone – Hasta siempre
Chelsea Wolfe – Flatlands  (Glassroom Sessions)
Chelsea Wolfe – You are my Sunshine
Chet Faker – I’m Into You
Chet Faker – No Diggity
No Diggity – Blackstreet ft. Dr Dre
Buck 65 – Corrugated Tin Facade
Cox and the Riot – Gentleman alone
Sea & Air – Dirty Love
God Is An Astronaut – Snowfall
Lament  – Last Dance of Summer
Pil von den sex-pistols- Cruel
Audiofly – 6 Degrees feat. Fiora (Tale Of Us Remix)
I Heart Sharks – Suburbia
Lowrider – Golden Sun
Patrick Wolf – Together
Martial Canterel – Empire
Joy Kills Sorrow – Such Great Heights
Of Monsters And Men – Sloom
Finnebassen – Monday (Original Mix)

Playliste ZerberuS GrimmklanG Radio Show – 24.8.2013
air cushion finish – Grenzschnee
Air Cushion Finish in Berlin (Nov. 2012) – Story about a hole
Golden Suits – swimming in ’99
Editors – Bird of Prey
Editors – Sugar
Jan Plewka – Der König von New York ( Anibaldi Bastard Rmx)
Kafka Tamura – Some where els – Hafen Rundfahrt 01
Petula & Me an Oceans – Acircle – Hafen Rundfahrt 01
Jan Roth – Kleine Freiheit – Hafen Rundfahrt 01
Over The Ocean  –   I Will Be Silent
Over the Ocean – Arguing Philosophies
Industries of the Blind – I just wanted to make you something beautiful
Year Of No Light – Abbesse
Downfall of Gaja – in the Rivers bleak
Fall Of Efrafa – republic of heaven
Nevermind the Name – On Horus Wings
Jakob – Everything All of the Time
Frames  –  Don’t Stay Here

Playliste ZerberuS GrimmklanG Radio Show – 27.7.2013
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Sleep
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Storm
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – The Dead Flag Blues
Jan Plewka – Das schönste Mädchen Europas
Passenger  – Let Her Go
Mad Season – Long Gone Day
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties
Black Sabbath – Live Forever
Graveyard – Uncomfortably Numb – live
Solstafir – Fjara
Solstafir – Kukl
Woods Of Ypres – I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Playliste ZerberuS GrimmklanG Radio Show – 29.6.2013

Das Album – Rock – Bilanz 1989
Gib mir`n Zeichen – Pankow
Schattenkreuze – Karussell
Kleiner Planet – Puhdys
Hymne – Michael Barakowski
Narkose Blues – Engerling
Paradiesvögel – Silly
Here We Come – Electric Beat Crew
Miracle – The Next
Sky – Jade
Leben auf Verdacht – Datzu
Kintopp – Keimzeit
Kopfschmerzen – Die Zöllner
Sag mir wo du stehst – Naiv
Turn Away – Charlie
Metal Man – Doctor Rock
Der Zauberer – Merlin
Easy Rider – Metall
Let`s Trash – Rochus
Rage Out – MCB

Playliste ZerberuS GrimmklanG Radio Show – 1.6.2013
Den rozhdeniya
Hei – Valkoinen Musta
DAWA – Some Things are different
DAWA – Take a breath
The Fume – Turn My Back
The Horrible Crowes – Go_Tell_Everybody
The Horrible Crowes – Mary_Ann
The Horrible Crowes – Sugar
The Hirsch Effekt -Datorie
Matisyahu – Chop ‚Em Down
Matisyahu – King Without A Crown
Matisyahu – Sea To Sea
U2 – Slow Dancing with Willie Nelson
Simple Minds Ft. Jimmy Johnstone- Dirty Old Town
The Dubliners & the Pogues – Whiskey in the jar
Brian Crain – Wind
Her Name Is Calla – Thief
maur due & lichter-neverfoundaway
Modeselektor feat. Miss Platnum – Berlin
Ocoeur – A pianist in the underground
Ocoeur – Les rˆves d’Alice
Ocoeur – Neige
Keef Baker – Cranesong
KUNG – Black Lion

ZGK Playliste – 4.5.2013
Helmet – wilma’s rainbow
Helmet – Milktoast
Harmful – Art of Rebellion
Harmful – Cause – 01 – Ordinary People
Farmer Boys – Here Comes The Pain
Heaven Shall Burn – Architects Of The Apocalypse
Heaven shall burn – Hunters will be hunted
Heaven shall burn – Valhalla
Guns N‘ Roses – 14 Years
Guns N‘ Roses – Don`t Cry
Guns N‘ Roses – Estranged
Guns N‘ Roses – You Could Be Mine
Jaw – No Blue Peril – Creature of Masquerade
Jaw – No Blue Peril – Survive
Jaw – No Blue Peril – Window
Warren Suicide – Butcher Boy
Warren Suicide – Warren Suicide
Whale – Hobo Humpin‘ Slobo Babe
My Name Is Music – My Favorite Drug 3
Kommando Sonne-Nmilch – Zack
Kort – Invariable Heartache
Lambchop – gone tomorrow
Silke Bischoff – Short Moment
Silke Bischoff – No Paradise
Silke Bischoff – On The Other Side ’93

ZGK 6.4.2013 Spezial Live über und mit Antlers Mulm

ZGK Playliste – 9.3.2012
The Sisters Of Mercy – Marian
Wolfsheim – The sparrows and the nightingales
Fields Of The Nephilim – In The Year 2525
VAST – Sunday I’ll Be Gone
Mortiis – Everyones Leaves
Antlers Mulm – Winterschnee 3
Archive – quiet time
The Kyteman Orchestra  –  7/8
The Kyteman Orchestra – On S’En Fout
Graveyard – Slow Motion Countdown
Leech – Turbolina
APOA – The Tide and its shore – Parallel Lines
OM – State Of Non-Return
Baroness – The Line Between – Green
Baroness – Take My Bones Away – Yellow
Wooden Shjips – vampire blues
MOLLY HATCHET Paying Tribute Wild Horses
AC DC – Highway to Hell
AC DC – Thunderstruck
The Sisters of Mercy – Under the gun

ZGK Playliste – 9.2.2013
Leech – Echolon
APOA – Footprints on Water – Parallel Lines
APOA – Open Sea – Parallel Lines
Nick Cave & Current 93 – All The Pretty Little Horses
calexico – all the pretty horses
Chelsea Wolfe – Lay Me Down
Chelsea Wolfe – Moses
Kat Frankie – Souldier
Queen Adreena – Jolene
Ruby Throat – House Of Thieves
Thees Uhlmann – Hummingbird
Harmful – Speak In Answers
Harmful – Cruel Final
Baroness – Swollen and Halo
Horseback – Arjuna
OM – State Of Non-Return
The Champs – St. Peters
Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams
November Növelet – entry
November Növelet – useless
Tropic of Cancer – Be Brave
Coil – All the pretty little horses
Current 93 – A Sad Sadness Song
Marteria, Yasha & Miss Platnum – Kreuzberg am Meer

ZGK Playlist – 12.1.2013
Ghosts Of Paraguay – Pray
God is an Astronaut – Worlds in Collision
Elliphant – In the jungle
Autechre – Nonima
Little People – Breathe Again (feat Rachael Roberts)
Asaf Avidan & the Mojos  – Empty Handed Saturday Blues
Asaf Avidan – Different Pulses
Asaf Avidan – Reckoning Song (Acoustic Version)
Graveyard – An Industry of Murder
Fargo – Heilbron
Manset – Revivra
Birdy – White Winter Hymnal Lyrics
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
The Felice Brothers – Run Chicken Run
Tindersticks – Whiskey & Water
BREATHLESS – Next Time you Fall
Lucio Battisti – Ancora Tu
Lucio Battisti – Il Mio Canto Libero
Miss Platnum – Come Marry Me ft. Pete Fox

Playliste ZGK – 17.11.2012
Stubborn Heart – Need Someone
THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS – Come With Me – Day For Night Version
Belleruche – Longer Days, Longer Nights
Watcha Clan – ImNin’Alu (Maga Bo Remix)
Watcha Clan – Tangos del cachito (Hijo de la Cumbia Remix)
Jazzanova  –  Little Bird [feat. Jose James]
ANTENNAS – Looking For You
HOT PANDA – Future Markets
OFFICERS – Counting My Guns – On The Twelve Thrones
OFFICERS – Soul Saviour (mutations) – On The Twelve Thrones
MAMA ROSIN – Bye Bye Birdy Black
Belasco – Move Like Water – Transmuting
Belasco – Open Up – Transmuting
Brokof – Lost In The City – Side By Side
Sorry Gilberto – Dear Passengers – Construction Work & Stormy Weather
FAI BABA – In My Time Of Dying
Robert Soko & Florian Mikuta – 2SING SING CHOCHEK – RMX – BalkanBeats SoundLab
Seeed – Molotov
Seeed – Wonderful Life
Lebanon Hanover – Sand
Cosmetics – Soft Skin
Low Sea  – Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones) Cover
White Ring – Roses
XXYYXX – About You
b.abuse – scissor – monkey

Playlist ZGK – 20.10.2012
Therion – Birth of Venus Illegitima
Type O Negative – Summer Breeze
The Gathering – Nighttime Birds
Atrocity – Love Is Dead
The Cold – The End
Laibach – rossiya
Laibach – slovania
Deine Lakaien – Away
Deine Lakaien – Fighting The Green
Goethes Erben – Flstern
Goethes Erben – Rote Tr„nen
Das Ich – Die Propheten
Das Ich – Gottes Tod
Das Ich – Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
Das Ich – Kindgott
Anne Clark – Sleeper In Metropolis
Bifrost – the glittering plain
Bifrost – death angels shadow
Get Well Soon – Witches! Witches! Rest now in the fire
Kat Frankie – Frauen Verlassen
Ancient Gallery – Laughing
Ancient Gallery – Teil des Ganzen
Sandow – Sunny
Sandow – Bulgarien

Playliste ZGK – 22.9.2012
Mark Berube and The Patriotic Few – My Me Lady
The Junktones – American Paranoia
AN EARLY CASCADE – EverythingIsWrong EverythingIsOk
Face To Face – Should Anything Go Wrong
ECLIPSE_-_After The Rain
DUBKASM_-_Spiritual Warrior Time (ft. Tena Stelin)
ULNA – Lnce Wrner
Me And Oceans – giant II
Me And Oceans – When i was a dancer
CAROLYN_MARK_-_The Queen Of Vancouver Island
Kat Frankie – Love Me
Kat Frankie – Too Young
Phoebe Killdeer & the shortstraws – innerquake – Pedigree
Phoebe Killdeer & the shortstraws – innerquake – The Fade Out Line
GHOST OF A CHANCE – Fearful Symmetry
Sandow – Am Grab des Lizzard
Sandow – Born In The GDR
Sandow – Kinder des Verbrechens
Sandow – Honey
Woven Hand – IN THE TEMPLE
Woven Hand – AS WOOL
Woven Hand – LONG HORN
Swans – The Seer Returns
The Cold – Summernight
Motorama – Wind In Her Hair

Playliste ZerberuS GrimmklanG – 25.8.2012
David Bowie – Lets dance
Band Of Skulls – Lay My Head Down
Bosse – Sommer lang
Greenshape – please
Correatown – Further
Veto – this is not
CANDY BEAT CAMP – stay okay
Mo’Horizons – 1960 What
Mo’Horizons – Besame Mucho
Christopher Gould-Be King
MAGOO – Over And Out
Animal Collective – Todays Supernatural
Me Succeeds – Teachers
Micatone – Asian Man
Fink – Talking Darum Blues
Fink – Wo geht das Licht an
Triggerfinger – i follow river
Two Gallants – Seems Like Home To Me
Grinderman – No Pussy Blues
Janus – Überleben
Louise Attaque – Ton Invitation
Louise Attaque – Amours
Masters of Reality – High noon Amsterdam
THE BIRTHDAY PARTY – John Peel Sessions – King Ink

Playliste ZGK – 28.7.2012
Lichter – Spieglein Spieglein
Gisbert zu Knyphausen – Leerer Raum
Raum 41 – Crescendo Moon – Arabesque
Raum 41 – Crescendo Moon – Crescendo Moon
Raum 41 – Nevermore
Raum 41 – Zodiak
Dead Can Dance – Amnesia
The Cinematic Orchestra – Necrology
Florian Horwath – I Just Want You To Hold On
Fink – Talking Darum Blues
Fink – Wo geht das Licht an
Adolar – Vituperator
The Hirsch Effekt – weltsehen
The hirsch effekt – calmo
INSTRUMENT – First Tooth Dead
I AM OAK – Roam
EF – misinform the uninformed
Lockerbie – Reyklykt
Bob Martin – Captain Jesus
Bluebridge the quartet – bergman
Nihiling – The Antagonist
Kwoon – Tales and Dreams – 02 – I Lived on the Moon
L¡am – I

ZGK  Playliste – 30.6.2012
Foo Fighters – Everlong
U2 & Leonard Cohen – Tower of song
Wolves in the Throne Room – Cleansing
THE_DEAD_HANDS – Bring Out The Dead
THE_DEAD_HANDS – On The Road To God Knows Where
THE_TOY__HEARTS – Thunderstorms And Neon Signs
Mutter – Loch
Alt-J – Breezeblocks (Radio Edit)
First Aid Kit – Blue
Hunger – Workshop
The Hundred in the Hands – keep it Low
Sweet Lights – Waterwell
JAZZANOVA – No Use (Part 2)
Kanye West & Jay-Z – Murder To Excellence
Soulsavers – Kingdom of Rain
Soulsavers – Shadows Fall
Soulsavers – Bitterman
Soulsavers – in the morning

Playliste ZGK – 2.6.2012
Jake & Elwood – Everybody needs somebody to love.
ABDALLAH OUMBADOUGOU – Zozodinga – Arhat Toumast
ABDALLAH OUMBADOUGOU – Zozodinga – Djetche Chaabi
ABDALLAH OUMBADOUGOU – Zozodinga – Tapsikt
HAIDOUTI ORKESTAR – Dogu – Bint El Chalabiya (Trad Liban, Arrgt Jasko Ramic)
HAIDOUTI ORKESTAR – Dogu – Mouwwal (Zeki Ayad C”las)
HAIDOUTI ORKESTAR – Dogu – Romano Reggae (Trad Tsigane, Arrgt Jasko Ramic)
TEENAGE BAD GIRL – Backwash – Black Hole (Feat. Todd Fink).mp3
TEENAGE BAD GIRL – Backwash – Jumping Judas (Feat. Illa J)
TEENAGE BAD GIRL – Backwash – Tonton Funk
DGTLMONKEY – Da Monkey Club – Jesus On the Cube
DGTLMONKEY – Da Monkey Club – Like A Machine
DGTLMONKEY – Da Monkey Club – Sunshine
PAPER – Mischmasch – Coming from You
PAPER – Mischmasch – People
PAPER – Mischmasch – She`s Got Lard
Billy Corgan – ToLoveSomebody
Gallon Drunk – To Love Somebody
Damien Rice And Ray LaMontagne – To Love Somebody
BLAINE L REININGER & WILLIAM LEE SELF – The Hamburg Sessions – Alster
BLAINE L REININGER & WILLIAM LEE SELF – The Hamburg Sessions – The Moment Is Now
MES AIEUX – A L’Aube Du Printemps – La Berceuse
MES AIEUX – A L’Aube Du Printemps – Des R‚ponses µ Tes Questions
MES AIEUX – A L’Aube Du Printemps – En Ligne
SOLIS LACUS – Solis Lacus – Little Green Man
R;ZATZ – Cruel Summer – Cruel Summer
R;ZATZ – Cruel Summer – Stormy
TERRIBLE FEELINGS – Shadows – Intruders

Playliste ZGK – 5.5.2012
Best Coast – The Only Place
Skinny Lister – Plough & Orion
The Cribs – Come On Be A No-One
The PLEA – oh ah yay (Radio)
The Black Seeds – Pippy Pip ( Dub)
Die Firma – Maschinenrepublik
Tool – Sober
Fields Of The Nephilim – Mourning Sun
The White Birch – purple rain
FinGren – Schattenmann
Pentatonic – AufUndDavon
Insomnium – Change of Heart
Insomnium – The Gale
Maybeshewill – He Films the Clouds, Pt. 2
This Will Destroy You Happiness – We’re All In It Together
Crippled Black Phoenix – burnt reynolds
Crippled Black Phoenix – wendigo
Crippled Black Phoenix – whissendine
I LIKE TRAINS – Friday, Everybody Goodbye
Lilium – Short stories – sense and grief
Mogwai – Drunk and Crazy
Wolfmother – In The Castle
Murder By Death – The Day

Playliste ZGK – 7.4.2012
Marsimoto – Gruener Samt
Marsimoto – Indianer
Curse – freiheit
Curse – Scheiss Auf Curse
Snowgoons – Terroristen Volk – Intro – Du bist Terrorist
Snowgoons – Terroristen Volk – Terrorist ft Marph
Snowgoons – Terroristen Volk – Wie Kings ft Torch & Virtuoso
Doppelkopf – Balance – Von Abseits
Fiva Mc und Das Phantom Orchester – Die Stadt Gehört Mir
Turntablerocker – Alles auf die 303
TV on the Radio – Staring At The Sun
Awolnation – Sail
Zulu Winter – We Should Be Swimming
Peter Broderick – And It’s Alright (Nils Frahm RMX)
KOMMANDO ELEFANT – Ich bin ein Arschloch
KOMMANDO ELEFANT – Sternenmarie (Maur Due & Lichter RMX)
MAUR DUE & LICHTER – Another Day
Islet – This Fortune – Illuminated People
Kim Janssen – The Commons
LOST IN THE TREES – red – A Church That Fits Our Needs
LOST IN THE TREES – this dead bird is beautiful – A Church That Fits Our Needs
Band Of Skulls – Bruises – Sweet Sour
Band Of Skulls – You’re Not Pretty But You Got it Goin‘ On – Sweet Sour
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children – room – Nive Songs!
Bowerbirds – Stitch the Hem – The Clearing
Daniel Rossen – Silent Song – Silent Hour Golden Mile
Lisa Hannigan – O Sleep – Passenger
Lisa Hannigan – Paper House – Passenger
The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

Playliste ZGK Live is Life – 10.3.2012
Calexico – Roka – Nuremberg 2009
Depeche Mode – Judas
Jane – rest of my life
Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live)
Madrugada – Black Mambo
Element of Crime – Surabaya Johnny – Crime Pays
Pink Floyd – Hey You
The Cinematic Orchestra – Breathe  – Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Live At The Royal Albert Hall – The Ship Song
Otis Redding – ive been loving you too long
AHA – The Sun Always Shines On TV
Peter Gabriel – Heroes (David Bowie cover)
Peter Gabriel Natalie Merchant REM – Red Rain

U2 – Radio Zooropa – Live Usa 1993 – Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Alphaville – Wishful Thinking
Thin Lizzy – Live And Dangerous – Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight)
Foo Fighters – All My Life
Foo Fighters – Times Like These
Ozzy Osbourne – Mama I’m Coming Home
Pearl Jam – Light My Fire – Precious Rarities
Pearl Jam – Roadhouse Blues – Precious Rarities
Radiohead – MCD – creep (live)
Sandow – Born In The GDR

Playlist ZerberuS GrimmklanG – 11.2.2012
Me And Oceans – Walking Home
ME AND OCEANS – the giant
We Have Band – Where are your People
Jazzanova – I Human feat. Paul Randolph Dub Mix
Sleep Party People – 10 Feet Up
Opti – The Gap
Featherlike – Moon over Berlin
Noise Capital  – Then You Faint – Ghost Army
Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet
Florence and the Machine – Seven Devils
Aaron – Arm your eyes – Birds in the Storm
Aaron – Birds in the storm – Birds in the Storm
Hungry Ghosts – Three Sisters
Hanne Hukkelberg – I Sing You – Featherbrain
Blackbird Blackbird – Fade to White
Blackbird Blackbird – Letting Go
Ellen Allien – Sun The Rain
Ellen Allien Mixed – Royksopp – This Must Be It (Apparat Remix)
Electric Ocean People – North
Halo In Reverse – Falling Apart
Giantree – Communicate
House of Wolves – 50’s
The White Birch – Breathe
Pure – Me And The Almost Beautiful Girl
Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand (Extended Version)

Playlist ZerberuS GrimmklanG – 14.1.2012
Miles Davis – A Night In Tunisia
The Helmut Bergers – I got your money – sweet sensation
The Helmut Bergers – Another love song – sweet sensation
fresco – junge mutter sucht – es geht sich immer irgendwie aus
fresco – brave mädchen – es geht sich immer irgendwie aus
Illute – verrückt – immer kommt anders als du denkst!
Illute – ob es genug ist – immer kommt anders als du denkst!
Kommando Elefant – In all den Jahren – Kommt wir hauen Granaten rein. Das kleine bisschen Leben.
Kommando Elefant – Alaska – Kommt wir hauen Granaten rein. Das kleine bisschen Leben.
MAUR DUE & LICHTER – Another Day – Another Day.
MAUR DUE & LICHTER – Redhead – Another Day.
The Helmut Bergers – Lonely soldiers – sweet sensation
Joy Division – atmosphere
Depeche Mode – Judas
Diary of Dreams –  painkiller
Blueneck – judas judas
Bodi Bill – I Like Holden Caulfield
Bush – synapse (my ghost in the of life mix)
Hundreds – Lets write the streets
Hundreds – Grab The Sunset (Phon.o RMX)
Hundreds – Let’s Write The Streets by Get Well Soon
Hundreds – Machine by Bodi Bill
LAL – Look Behind – LAL
LAL – Pain – LAL
Moderat – A New Error
Moderat – Les Grandes Marches

Playliste ZGK – 17.12.2011 – Live is Life von 19 bis 21 Uhr
Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There – The Wall Live
Johnny Cash – San Quentin – At San Quentin
Jupiter Jones – Vom Aufstehen und Fallen
Scott Matthew – Duet (live at FM4 radio session)
Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter
Leonard Cohen – Suzan
16 Horsepower – Live – The Partisan
ca 19:30 Uhr
Beirut – Shiki Shiki Baba (Kocani Orchestra Cover)
Beirut – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
Tocotronic – Eure Liebe tötet mich
Tocotronic – Aber hier leben, will ich nicht
The Cure – One Hundred Years
The Cure – Charlotte sometimes
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – london callin
Elvis Presley – Are You Lonesome Tonight (The Laughing Version) – Live In Las Vegas
ca 20:00 Uhr
Dota – Eine Fee – Solo Live
Inkubus Sukkubus – Paint It Black (Live)
Cake – War Pigs (Live)
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne – Drum Solo @ Live and Loud
Beatsteaks – Kings Of Metal (Live)
ca 20:30
Danzig – Mother
Ez3kiel vs Hint – versus (live)
Manu Chao – Rainin in paradize
KLF – 3AM Eternal (with Extreme Noise Terror)
Sodom – Jabba The Hut – Marooned (Live)
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblåst (Live)
God Dethroned – The Serpent King

ZerberuS GrimmklanG – 19.11.2011
The Achtung Achtung – nicht heut nacht
The Achtung Achtung – verpiss dich
Curse – fantastisch
Curse – Soulfood – Einblick Zurück
Atari Teenage Riot – Blood In My Eyes.mp3
Zola Jesus – Seekir
Diary of Dreams – Undividable r
Anna Depenbusch – Madame Clicquot
Anna Ternheim – Costa Rica
Kat Frankie – Frauen Verlassen
First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar (Radio Edit) – The Lion’s Roar
Girls – Lawrence
Girls – Myma
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard – Farscape II – 01 Liquid Coincidence 4
Moby – The Poison Tree
Nils Petter Molvaer – Bloodline
David Orlowsky Trio – Juli
Wendy McNeill – Eddy (Why dont’t you put your gun down-) – For the Wolf, a Good Meal
Wendy McNeill – Our Time – For the Wolf, a Good Meal
Olivia Pedroli – A Path – The Den
Olivia Pedroli – The Day – The Den
Wrongkong – Crystal Clear
Harrys Gym – Toothpaste
dEUS – Constant Now
16 Horsepower – Phyllis Ruth – B-sides & Rarities
16 Horsepower – Poor Mouth – People’s Choice

ZerberuS GrimmklanG – 22.10.2011
Crippled Black Phoenix – Whissendine
Mogwai – Drunk and Crazy
Mogwai – Does This Always Happen
Kronos Quartet & Mogwai – Tree Of Life
Kronos Quartet, kimmo pohjonen and samuli kosminen – Uniko VI. Emo
Steve Reich – Drumming Part I
Steve Reich – WTC 9-11 I- 9 – 11 – WTC 9-11
Steve Reich – Mallet Quartet I – Fast – WTC 9-11
Steve Reich – Europe–during The War
Steve Reich – America–before The War
Philip Glass – Glassworks – Facades
Philip Glass – Akhnaten – Hymn to the Sun
Jan Garbarek – Parce mihi domine (de Morales)
Simeon Ten Holt – Section 88 A – Canto Ostinato CD II
Simeon Ten Holt – Section 91 C – Canto Ostinato CD II
Klaus Schulze – Synthasy

ZerberuS GrimmklanG – 24.9.2011
Bag Raiders – way back home
Everblame – Lose Control
Razorlight-01-Wire To Wire ­
Pieska – Euphoria
Jack Beauregard – you or my guitar
Keane – Somewhere Only We Know (Live At the Cherrytree House)
City And Colour – Little Hell – silver and gold
Balthazar – I’ll Stay Here
Black Box Revelation – Rattle my Heart
Sound of Rum – Sound of Rum – BEST INTENTIONS
Die Antwoord – Rich Bitch
Kellermensch – army ants
Kellermensch – dont let it bring you down
SS-Kaliert – Burn down
SS-Kaliert – es es kaliert
dEUS – Keep You Close
Airship – Kids
Kasabian – Shoot the Runner